Welcome to the ‘Breaking the Leg’ blog where theatre from around the West Midlands, and sometimes London, is honestly reviewed.

The name of this blog clearly stems from the popular phrase of wishing luck within the theatre. Back in the day, if you were seen to be ‘breaking the leg’ (the final black wing on the sides of the stage that’s nearest to the audience [but I imagine you already know that]), you would receive a pay cheque on that evening. If you didn’t win the audience over and didn’t get to walk past the final downstage leg, you wouldn’t get a penny. In my opinion, this is a modern day metaphor for how the world works today. So I feel it is a suitable title for my blog which I hope impresses and is seen to be ‘Breaking the Leg’.

In my opinion, no other form of entertainment provides the same escapism that live theatre offers us and so I believe everyone should get the chance to experience it.

Theatre is an expensive hobby. Therefore, I hope this blog provides you with an insight of the shows you MUST see, the shows that are worth seeing and the ones that you can simply keep in the wings.

As an expressive person, there may be the odd blog that seems irrelevant but I will endeavour to make it worth the read. If you have something you would like me to write about, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you for ‘Breaking the Leg’ with me…





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