REVIEW | 9 to 5 the Musical | Lichfield Garrick

Brownhills Musical Theatre Company return to the Garrick with another smash hit Musical. It is based upon the film of the same name with Dolly Parton’s soundtrack as the score. This company are renowned for going the extra mile to ensure an all round professional production and that is shown once again.

The show itself is basic, to say the least, with a minimal storyline of three ladies’ being tired of their boss and taking revenge. However, the music more than makes up for it. ‘9 to 5’ opens the show with a version that has been adapted to suit musical theatre perfectly. The iconic opening sound sets the standard for the rest of the show.

IMG_0910Alison Room takes the reigns as ‘Violet’ with exceptional talent worth more than a pot of gold. Her professionalism is mind blowing and the delivery of her role (and every other previous role for that fact) is outstanding. She is the driving force of this production.

IMG_0913‘Doralee’ was the role of Philippa Mills and boy she did Dolly proud. Her country twang was spot on and her section of ‘Shine Like The Sun’ really did raise the roof. Sarah Taylor plays new girl ‘Judy’ and she strengthens the trio of leads even more with a well-crafted character and note-perfect vocals.

Direction of the piece is a little poor, especially in scenes such as the dream sequences but the musical direction of Ian Room more than makes up for that. The harmonies are beautifully executed and the band strike together to form a superb sound. I didn’t expect anything less from the consistent genius. The music doesn’t give the greatest of opportunites for huge dance routines but Michele Windsor made the most of the score and the formations were a brilliant standard.

IMG_0908Scenery is far different to original Broadway and West End designs but still compliments the show well. It seems to be a little temperamental but this is more than acceptable knowing how short the turn around from get-in to opening night is. Having seen this scenery before, I must say how better suited it is to the Garrick’s intimate space.

Helena King has the audience in stitches with the odd cheeky line throughout but particular praise to her for keeping the wonderfully entertaining character alive in every scene, even if she’s upstage taking a telling off from one of the bosses whilst a scenes taking place downstage.

IMG_0907Greg Yates was boss man ‘Franklin’ and provided a good connection with all three of the female leads. I can see where he was taking the character but some scenes were left a little deflated through what seemed to be his own tiredness (probably from jumping straight from another production last week).

This shows comedy-genius is most definitely Steph Coleman as obsessed Assistant ‘Ros’. Her portrayal of the naive and unusual role was wonderful – her solo  ‘Hart to Heart’ is laugh-a-second as she takes the character down a hilarious path. Well done Steph.

IMG_0912Overall this production is a brilliant one with maximum effort inputted from all aspects. Each member gave it there all and should all be justifiably proud of themselves.

Ive only ever seen 9 to 5 once before but this production knocked that one out of the park. So huge credit to the company for that.

IMG_0914★★★★ Its a fun, entertaining, light-hearted show that is cast superbly with a leading trio of ladies who are nothing short of phenomenal, both as individuals and a group.

Thank you for letting us join in on the fun.

9 to 5 the Musical runs until Saturday 6 May at Lichfield Garrick. Tickets:



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